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About Twenty8

Twenty8 is a unique clothing and accessory brand uniquely crafted and designed for the stylish, chic creative. What started out as an idea by Amber Janae in the spring of 2013. Years after dropping out of college, Amber made a promise to herself to pursue all of the things that she was truly passionate about. The concept of the name derived from me being a woman who wanted to bring her creative passions to life by the age of 28. Having dreamt of attending a fashion institute and working in the fashion industry there was a strong call to action on her part, even though life had not panned out as she hoped. Amber began sketching and crafting designs which never made it past her sketch book. It all came to a halt when launching the brand was put on hold due to limited resources.

Never one to give up, Amber spent several years perfecting her skills in digital design while working as a content curator, freelancing and working with major organizations. Nearly four years after it's anticipated launch, she launched the first designs from the brand online, running her business out of her home in Antioch, CA. Her passion and consistency are what fueled her to not give up on her call to express her art through clothing. Being a creative, traveling a lot, but desiring to look chic while feeling comfortable was the inspiration behind the collection. 

Amber believes that all of her pieces are intuitively created. "If I do not feel the call in my spirit to create it, it will never exist. With Twenty8, I wanted to create a collection of comfortable pieces for the everyday creative. I began to notice that the more I invested into my creative passions, the more that I chose to wear jeans, tee-shirts, and sweatshirts every day. I wanted to be cute, chic, but I also wanted to be comfortable. A huge part of my self-care routine is catering to myself and making sure I look as good as I feel. I believe my line is for the every day creative who craves comfort over anything else." 

The one of a kind designs by Twenty8 are innovative, fresh, and new. As it continues to grow and evolve, Amber hopes to make an impact by curating pieces that inspire growth and change while encouraging confidence in all those who support the line. 

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