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About Me

A full-time Digital Content Strategist, Author, and Blogger. I always knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for writing, digital design, fashion and self-care all into one space. I feel like I successfully achieved that goal when I decided to launch my website. launched in 2012 and is an award-winning lifestyle blog that encourages self-love, wellness, spiritual growth and personal development. It is my goal to inspire others to be their best, most authentic self while doing all that they love and are passionate about. This journey also led me to pursue another passion, landing me as a Founder and Creative Director of The Core Magazine. I am a 3x self-published author with a solid audience and presence across the globe. I work with large and small brands/organizations to help them create the best content that supports their vision. I host a podcast, workshops, and now a public speaker. I have worked diligently, with a strong commitment to inspire many people all over the world through my work. Now, nationally read and followed in 185+ countries, through I continue to successfully succeed in developing and curating experiences to make the lives of my audience and clients simpler.  

Services offered:

  • Content Curation
  • Social Media Management 
  • Visual Mood Boards 
  • Workbooks + Booklets 
  • Visual Guidebooks
  • Speaking Engagements 

To review my media kit click here, or for inquiries on specific services and pricing email me at: