My Secrets to Clear Skin

I was once a product junkie when it came to skincare. I thought I had to try everything under the sun to have healthy skin. The biggest problem with this was, the more that I tested new products, the less I was establishing a set routine. I was all over the place which meant my skin was too. 

The less focused I was, the more breakouts occurred and the harder it became for me to clear dark spots. After my skin was badly burned from testing out a random product, I decided to stop trying too hard and finally settle on a brand that worked for me. I also didn’t want just any skincare brand. I wanted my new products to be organic, non-toxic, and 100% safe.

So, I shopped around and eventually came across Alba Botanica. Alba’s product formulas are high quality, 100% vegetarian and are overflowing with botanical ingredients. Within the first few weeks of using the products, I noticed a change in my skin. My hormonal breakouts lessened, my skin was a lot softer, dryness diminished, and discoloration from dark spots had begun to fade. It's important to note that my dietary focus also plays a significant role in my skincare regimen. I eat well, I juice weekly, no sodas and water, water, water. Your diet matters, yall! 

After every daily facial treatment, I apply all natural, sweet almond oil to substitute the moisturizer I was using. When I tell you, I’ve been in love with my skin, I’ve been IN LOVE with my skin. It’s really hard to recommend products because one, I am not a licensed professional. And two, all of our skin types vary, but I feel like we’re all in the safe zone when the products recommended are 100% vegan/non-toxic. The list below features the products I use daily for my skincare routine and the links to purchase. (click the photo to shop) 


acnedoteface & body scrub: 

I use this particular product at night for a deep scrub before bed. This powerful, botanically effective, dual-purpose face and body scrub are tough on backne but gentle enough for daily facial cleansing. Formulated with proven zit-zappers Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract plus ground walnut shell, this scrub buffs away oil, dirt, and pore-plugging dead skin cells. Helps banish breakouts for visibly clearer skin without over-irritation. 

acnedotedeep pore wash: 

The deep pore wash gets used daily, first thing in the morning and throughout the day if I feel I need an extra cleanse. Formulated with zit-zapping Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract, this lathering cleanser digs deep into pores to unclog the gunk, helping banish existing zits and prevent new ones. You’ll be cleaned up and ready to go with squeaky clean skin. 

good & cleangentle acne wash: 

I had to try it because it was one of their newest products, but the gentle clean acne wash has become my favorite to use after my nightly scrubs. Is your skin suffocating with oily toxins? This frothy cleanser gets deep into pores to oust bacteria and grime that cause dullness, blackheads, and blemishes. Powered by ten AHA-rich botanicals, the unique Fruit Acid Detox Fusion in this gentle cleanser partners with Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract for deep down detoxification. Rebalanced and squeaky clean, your skin will enjoy purified clarity. 

acnedotedeep clean astringent:

After every good wash, I apply some of this liquid astringent to a cotton ball and gently rub all over my face. This has also been the key ingredient in reducing my scars and acne marks. I am careful as to how much I apply, I don't want to dry out my skin. (pro-tip) Formulated with proven zit-zappers Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract, this oil dissolver unclogs pores for a visibly clearer complexion without over-irritation. Instantly, skin is super clean, without a trace of oil. In just 8 hours, breakouts are reduced. 

acnedoteinvisible treatment gel: 

My secret weapon. Whenever pimples begin to appear, I apply a few drops of the acnedote gel to a pimple. I allow my skin to absorb the gel by letting it set into my skin. For me, the gel works best when applied after a full facial cleansing. This powerful, botanically effective, ultra light, non-sticky gel, powered with Willow Bark Extract, delivers reduced inflammation on contact and clearer skin in just 4 hours so you can wake up to clearer skin. Keep it with you for emergencies! 

Plantlife - Sweet Almond Oil: 

I gave up my moisturizer for almond oil, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only does it give my skin a natural glow, but it helps to diminish my dark spots and keep the dryness away. Sweet Almond Oil is a lightweight oil and is widely used in Spas and is found in many massage products. It is rich in vitamins A, E, and B as well as Oleic and Linoleic essential fatty acids. It is an effective emollient as it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. This oil is known to help counteract and soothe skin conditions including itching, dryness, and inflammation. An excellent oil for skin care. Good for all skin types.

Protip: If you're anything like me and don't care to wait for products to be delivered, Alba Botanica products can be found in Target, Walmart, Tj Maxx, and Sprouts. I've also gotten lucky and once found a bottle of the Sweet Almond Oil at Tj Maxx. I hope me sharing my best kept secrets is resourceful for you. 

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