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My Secrets to Clear Skin

by Amber Janae |

I was once a product junkie when it came to skincare. I thought I had to try everything under the sun to have healthy skin. The biggest problem with this was, the more that I tested new products, the less I was establishing a set routine. I was all over the place which meant my skin was too.  The less...

Body Positivity and All That Jazz

by Amber Janae |

Is there really an easy way to fall in love with your body without being hell of cautious of what you eat, drink and if you workout or not? While working on the fitness issue of my magazine The Core, I got to thinking about the pressures of staying fit and how difficult it can be for a lot...

L Organic Cotton Pads and Tampons

by Amber Janae |

Let's talk serious business, ladies.  Periods can be a drag. We're moody, bloated and dare I not say it, "bloody." It's gross, uncomfortable and a total cluster-fuck. But tis' is life and we as women have to deal. The most uncomfortable thing about this process is having limited to no access to non-toxic feminine care products. In today's world, for every...

Getting Started With A Morning Routine

by Amber Janae |

Do you believe that how you start your day is ultimately how you finish? I wasn’t always in favor of it until one day I noticed it to be true. For the past year, I’ve really been centering my focus on how I begin the first few hours of my day. Morning routines are CRUCIAL, especially if you’re like me...

The Art of Reflecting and Refreshing

by Amber Janae |

Due to work, life, adulting, etc, I needed a break from the Bay. So in July, when the time came for me to fly home for my family reunion, I was ready for the red eye flight which involved two layovers. I finally arrived in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. (home of gorgeous white sand beaches). This was my first time...

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