The Power of The Mind: 4 Ways to Identify You’re In A Negative Space Mentally

How often do you take into account that you have the power to create whatever it is that occurs in your life? Most of the time those occurrences begin with a simple thought. We hear a lot about the power of our mind but do we truly acknowledge how it easy it is to train ourselves to manifest negativity in our lives with our thoughts? We must learn to be careful not to dwell on negativity. Negativity shapes our surroundings. Yes, you can create your own intense levels of stress and anxiety by entertaining negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts tend to affect our behavior. We begin to question ourselves, and our own capabilities to the point that we lose faith and completely shut down. Negativity affects our productivity. Over time I’ve learned the importance of developing healthy practices to control my thoughts. I now know that my thoughts are often in direct connection to my most positive or harmful behavioral patterns, my choice in actions, how I feel about myself and how I treat others. Are you mentally in a negative space? If you’re prone to the list below, you very well may be.

Constantly Playing into the Debbie Downer in Your Head

We have all been there. That little voice in our head that tells us what not to do. The voice in our head that tells us we’re incapable, inadequate and should just give up now. That voice is a product of fear. Our fear-based emotions will lead us to believe that we are incapable of a lot IF we choose to play into it. Let go of the naysayer in your head.

Projecting Your Negative Thoughts About Yourself Onto Others

The old saying is true, how we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. A large part of our mistreatment of others is because we constantly choose to devalue ourselves. Being happy all day every day is impossible, there will be moments of dissatisfaction. What we play into is the determining factor for us. You don’t have to harbor on that negativity. You don’t have to treat people badly because you feel bad. Don’t allow your mind to work against you by forcing you to feel bad about yourself and others.

Constantly Being Overly Judgmental

Believing you are better than others is the easiest way your mind is playing tricks on you. What I always try to make myself and others understand is we do not all live life the same. Because I choose not to do something doesn’t necessarily make me better and vice versa. What makes me happy may not make the next person happy. Where I am in life may not be where the next person is and that is okay. It doesn’t mean that I treat them any differently, judge them or label them. When we start to believe that we cannot coexist with others because we do things differently our minds in a way are working against us. The key to life is focusing on getting to know people for who they are and no assuming because you don’t do everything 100% the same that it’s okay to judge. Your judgmental mind can easily be stopping you from making fruitful connections.

A Strong Inability to Be Happy For Others 

Lacking the ability to be happy for others is our mind doing the complete opposite of what it’s supposed to do when something good happens to someone else. Our mind plays tricks on us heavily. Instead of celebrating others we choose to feel like why should I be happy when they are there and I am not? It’s really funny how the mind works. Often times it’s a comparison that causes us to feel this way. One thing we don’t realize is people always notice a change in our behavior. People can sense when you’ve changed toward them or when your congratulatory praise isn’t heartfelt. This has a major effect on our relationships with others. The easiest way to control this is to avoid living in comparison.

Below are some affirmations to help balance and break the cycle of negative thinking:

Today is a clean slate.

Today is a clean slate mentally and emotionally.

I release all thoughts that no longer serve me.

I abandon old, worn out, negative thought patterns and choose new, positive ones.

I transmute negative energy and thoughts. I shift my reality from darkness into love and light.

I open to the blessings the Universe has to offer. 

I release my worries and fears my Divine Creator.  

I am gentle with myself. I am at peace. 

My thoughts are infused with love

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

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