Signs It's Time For A Career Change

Nearly 4 years of feeling undervalued and underappreciated at a job is a personal choice, one which I took on not too long ago. I was sitting at my desk, drinking my morning Starbucks while Coltrane played softly, when it hit me, “I’m over this shit.” I had moments in the past, but this time was different. I was ready to stop making excuses, stop passing up opportunities and stop neglecting my intuition when it told me it’s time to work on moving on.

One thing for sure, I was deathly tired of the same mundane routine and telling myself as I sat down for the day how much I was over the current madness. For many of us, saying that we’re over it can mean a lot of things. It can mean we need a breather and much needed time away to readjust. Or, it could simply be that we are just processing the ups and downs of an unsuccessful day and need to restart tomorrow. I told myself when these sorts of emotions would arise I would take time off for a mental health day, travel for a few days or something to get me feeling inspired again.

It was the moments when I’d return and still felt the same as I did before or even worse that I knew it was time for a change. Deciding on when to move on from a current job or make a career change is more nerve wrecking than deciding on which Beyoncé album to play on your morning commute. What you never want to do is limit yourself or ignore your intuition when it’s telling you it’s time to jump ship. Here are a few ways to help you better identify when the Universe is guiding you toward change.

When Your Daily Routine Starts to Feel Forced

One day I just stopped wanting to get out of bed. I found it more gratifying investing in my blog, side projects for myself and clients. I was at a point where the same ol’ everyday routine just wasn’t enough for me anymore. I stopped feeling creatively fulfilled in my present role. While creative fuel doesn’t last always, that was a major tell, tell sign that it was time for a change. I wrote about these feelings back in February in a blog post titled, "When God Tells You It's Time to Move." (Click post title to read) The best way I handled these feelings was monitoring them closely. Was it a once in the blue moon type of vibe? How did I feel in my current work environment, was I more drained than satisfied? Was everything and everyone an ongoing annoyance and problem? These were constant questions I asked myself and documented weekly. The more the same feelings aroused and persisted, it brought on a lot of clarity.

The Thought of Something New Feels Right

I spent a lot of my time deep in prayer. I fasted, meditated, set intentions during New Moons and Full Moons just to bring more clarity to my present situation. The more I focused on the actualization of my manifestations, the more newer beginnings just felt right. I didn’t know what was coming, when it was coming, or how, I just knew it was on its way and long overdue. When the process seems foggy and the feelings of change are more gratifying than the present moment, these are signs from the Universe that are pushing you in a new direction.

Sticking Around Feels Like Self-Betrayal

Every day I felt like I was going against what my heart and mind was telling me. My best friend reminded me that sometimes as women, we’re taught to be loyal to toxic situations that are not loyal to us. This is not just in love, but with family, friendships, careers and more. We find it more satisfying to sacrifice ourselves than to do what we know is right. The moment you stop putting yourself first is the moment you know it’s time to press forward.

Moving on from a long-term or even short-term career opportunity isn’t easy. There are so many pros and cons that one must factor in before they decide to leave. It’s important that our decisions are well processed and thought out. It’s never wise to move forward without a game plan and some sort of cushion or stability. You always want to be sure that the decisions that you’re making are for all the right reasons. Never do anything solely for the money. If you’re going to make a huge career transition, make sure that your heart is fully invested. A friend of a friend recently took a huge pay cut after leaving a major tech company to work remotely and travel the world. She didn't consider the money, she just took the best opportunity that fit her and felt good to her on a soul level. Most importantly, always make sure you’re investing your time, talents and gifts in an environment where you’re constantly celebrated, not tolerated.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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