New Month, New Blessings. Hello, June!

As a child, my favorite time of the year was when June rolled around. It was a reminder that I was only a few days shy of Summer vacation. Summer vacation meant me spending all day inside the house downloading my favorite music, writing, making clothes, and doing anything else that fueled me on a creative level. The moment I awoke this morning I thought "wow, June, time to get to work."

Not that I haven't been working, but something in me kicks into overdrive when June rolls around. I get really inspired. But, with this new found inspiration also comes a wave of anxiety, overthinking and overprocessing. I go into bits of rage coupled with frustration. My inner perfectionist creeps out because I am so eager for life to go as I had planned, all while ignoring the fact that all is moving in divine order. 

You can't rush life. You can't overthink every circumstance until it turns out as you imagined it. I've recently learned that just as much as it is possible to attract the bad things I do not want by focusing on them too much, it's also really easy to hinder the things I want to happen by not allowing them to manifest divinely.   


Surrender to the belief that The Universe has forgotten about you. Surrender to the idea that you are running out of time and life is passing you by. Surrender to the idea of everything being perfect. All is happening as it should and it is all in support of our highest good. Whenever I notice I am allowing my moments of weakness or insecurities to taint my heart and mind, I focus on realignment. I recollect myself by writing in my journal, setting intentions or writing out affirmations. Affirmations are my hearts gentle reminder that all is well. 

Life all boils down to what you believe. What you allow to live in your psyche and heart space can have great impact on your life's manifestations. Don't allow the anxieties of today to hinder the blessings set out for you tomorrow. Be guided by your faith. Believe in the unthinkable, because anything is possible through the God we serve. Recite this affirmation today, let this affirmation be your guiding light throughout the month of June and all of the months to come. 

What I believe to be possible is possible as long as I believe. I trust that the reality of my present is in full accordance with how I feel and what I believe to be true. My power to manifest my reality is absolute. Whatever is projected from me will be, positive or negative. I will focus on not projecting fears, self-doubt, worry or entertaining poverty consciousness. I will do the internal work to feel whole and complete because I know that how I feel internally has a great impact on all that occurs around me externally. My manifestation power is incapable of discriminating or separating the good from the bad. I attract what I give power to. My life becomes a product of all that I project out into the universe. I am in full understanding that nobody else is responsible for what is or is not occurring throughout my life.

It is only I that can say yes and allow divine intentions to work through me and into the material world. The universe is only receiving what I think and believe and reflecting it all back to me. What I believe is what becomes, therefore I will only focus on co-creating a life of joy, fruitfulness, love and Divine Oneness. I open my arms to abundance and prosperity as they continue to pour into my life. I know that I possess the power within to change anything in my life that I choose to change, including turning the negative into the positive. I will only focus on the beauty of which I wish to remain in constant flow internally and externally. My awareness enables me to focus on only what I wish to continue to flow. My awareness enables me to redirect the flow of any thoughts or feelings that prevent me from living in harmony with Source. I am deeply committed to the transformation of my consciousness. And so it is!

 Have an inspired, encouraged and blessed June! 

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