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In Case You Didn't Know, The Internet is A Big Ass Lie

by Amber Janae |

According to statics, the average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media. It’s has been reported that most spend 9-10 hours on social media daily. Rightfully, that much time online can begin to alter our perception of reality. The content you click on and support are often monitored, which means the more you click said content, the more you’re going to see it in your social feeds. If you’re constantly engaged in someone else’s relationship, proposals, lavish vacations and fashion, that is what you’ll see every day. Or you could be that person who loves dog and cat posts, those are always cool lol. Not only are these post what you’ll see every day, it can poison your mind. You can slowly start to feel as if you’re not doing enough. Let’s admit all admit, our lives appear to be at a standstill compared to the Diddy’s and Winonah de Jong’s of the world.  

The best advice I can give anyone is, stop basing your life's progression on other people’s present reality. Your happiness, relationship status, career advancement or anything else in your life is not contingent on what you see online. We’re all guilty of filtering our lives by curating content that reflects the best of our days. The reality is, nobody’s life is 100% perfect. Life online is a highlight reel. You’re only going to see 50% of a person’s true reality.  I’ll be the first to admit, I often do not share when things aren’t perfect. I have never been the type to vocalize when I am having the worse day ever because I am stressed about deadlines for my projects. I don’t tell the world that I just cursed bae out 5 mins before I posted a fire selfie on my InstaStory. Nor do I document all of the obscured, unpredictable shit that happens ALL OF THE TIME.

It took a min for me to admit that all the shit we see on the internet is a big fat ass lie. Yes, even your post are a lie sometimes. How many people do you know only post photos when they're on vacation or doing something where they can get a fire selfie or group flick? Or the one girl you follow that you've never seen without makeup and a designer bag? Yes, my point exactly. It’s almost scary. Our realities become warped. We start to chase dreams, relationships, and destinations for the sake of others. “Is this even what I really want?” is a question I often ask myself. I have to be sure that my wants and desires are pure and that they aren’t a reflection of something that has been projected on me. The world wide web is a lie. We wake up to be consumed by other people’s lives and we go to bed with the same objectives. This is your life and you only have one. If you feel like you’re judging yourself based on what you see online, unplug. It is mentally and emotionally unhealthy to be consumed by social media 24/7. More importantly, don’t get caught up comparing your reality to what may not even be real in the first place. Never forget, the internet is one big ass web of lies.

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