4 Unhealthy Habits to Purge from Your Life

As the old saying goes, “old habits die hard.”

How many of us can admit that we’re addicted to our way of doing things and afraid to step out and try something new? I used to get offended when those who know me well had the balls to tell me that my way of doing things was ineffective. But is it anything to be offended about? It takes growth and acceptance to understand that our way of doing things is often what keeps us stalemate, repeating the same cycles over and over. Sometimes our ways of doing things are old and outdated. The people closest to us can see when our way of living is hindering us more than it is helping us. So the next time your bestie, life partner or family member suggest a change, don't take offense hear them out. It's also really important to be able to identify and acknowledge yourself when it's time for a change. Here is a list of a few not so healthy habits that we can consider purging from our life.

Lack of Commitment

I mean, I mean? How much does it take to follow through? I am one of those people who won’t completely bail on a commitment, but the lack of organization will have me doing it whenever I feel like it. Terrible habit and I am slowly learning to break out of it by acknowledging it, accepting it and committing to change. Learning to honor our commitments will get us so far in life. In most cases, when we are committing to something we aren’t the only parties involved. Having consideration for others and honoring what we say we’re going to do not only is a sign of maturity, but it is the foundation for long-lasting success.

Being Tardy for The Party

And by party, I mean anything that requires your attendance. It doesn't matter if it's work, school and actual party and the worse, brunch. Nobody likes the people who show up late to brunch. Turning up late when your prompt attendance is expected is the highest form of thoughtlessness. One thing I am sure we all hate is to be put on the back burner or to be waiting around for others so, why would we want to create that level of stress on someone else's life? Time is of the essence. Whether you believe it or not, people are judging you when your time management skills are poor and inconsistent. Practice getting ready at least an hour before you need to, to avoid being late. Lateness just sends the message “I don’t care.” And if you don’t care, why should others?


You ain’t got to lie, Craig! Dishonesty is something that we may not be able to avoid all the time, but it certainly helps eliminate stress and baggage in our lives when we commit to telling the truth. I may be chewing gum and tell you I don’t have anymore when you ask and I suppose that is okay or I can just tell you no, I don’t want to share and that is probably the best approach. Our ability to be honest shows our true power in standing in our truth and honoring ourselves. I mean let's be honest, (no pun intended) when we tell a lie we often have to cover it up with more lies. And the little white lie we told becomes an enormous pain in our a** that we often forgot how it all started in the first place. Being dishonest to others is nothing more than being untrue to yourself. Dishonesty is harm on ourselves and others. Let's commit to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth always; it’s a sign of maturity and responsibility.

Blaming The Past for Repeated Mistakes

What’s come and gone is what’s come and gone, leave the excuses at home, boo boo. There is nothing more distasteful than not doing what is right and blaming the past for your inability to see right from wrong. I mean honestly, how long can we go on blaming the past for the present? Our past is just what it is, the past. It served its purpose to teach us all that we needed to know, but it is never our excuse to remain stagnant and continue to make the same mistakes over and over. There’s a fine line in not knowing right from wrong and haven experienced something and choosing to relive it because it’s familiar. Assess your life. If I am not learning and growing from my experiences what am I doing? Think about the ways in which you force your past to be the crutch you rely upon in the present. Eliminate the habit of being a repeat offender of things you know are wrong and blaming your lack of growth as the cause of your poor choices. Level up!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

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