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The Core is an inclusive digital publication founded by me that focuses on self-care and wellness for men and women of color. I wanted to create to a resourceful guide for all things related to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. I also wanted to give up and coming creatives a place to showcase their work. The mission through the magazine is to uplift you through inspirational stories and photos. I truly believe that our well-being is the primary source of a healthy way of life. I also believe that I was put on earth to further encourage others to honor their mind, body and spirit through my creative projects.

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"Amber Janae is an excellent digital content strategist and savvy writer. With her own magazine @TheCore_Mag and other endeavors, she writes from an authentic, candid place that comes through in all of her work. I don't read a lot of blogs these days but hers is well worth it."

Michael Butler

"Wishing you the best, you really helped me tremendously during my healing process,Thank you so much I got tons advise and learning materials about just knowing how to stay motivated and mostly confident. GOD BLESS YOU!! I know that 
God has lots of greatness for you."

Cheneekwa Merritt

"I always enjoy reading your post."


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